Shirley Drury

Ruth Shirley McQuatters DruryRuth “Shirley” (McQuatters) Drury was one of the people who inspired Angela to launch My Castle Heart Publications. When Shirley died shortly after Angela’s first child was born, Angela was inspired to honor Shirley’s legacy (and Shirley’s daughter’s) by publiching the kids’ books she’d always promised she’d write.

Shirley was born on September 10, 1920, in Worth County, Iowa, the daughter of Claude and Ruth “Hazel” (Buchanan) McQuatters. She graduated from Northwood High School and received a secretarial degree from Hamilton Business College, specializing in shorthand.

All who knew Shirley remember her as a woman of style and substance.

Professionally, she was a hard worker with a brilliant array of careers, including U.S. Army secretary, bookbinder, movie theater owner, bowling alley and restaurant owner, cook, and bowling instructor. Personally, she was an adored wife, a devoted mother, a beloved grandmother, a cherished mother-in-law, a proud great grandma, an influential youth mentor, a dynamic friend, and a vibrant community member.

Some of Shirley’s greatest joys in life were music, reading, travel, sunshine, theater, golfing, baking, and most of all, spending time with her family.

She was preceded in death by her inspiring daughter and dear friend, Mary “Sue” (Drury) LaGow, and her husband of 50 years, Herschel Ralph Drury, who always called her his “bride”.

Shirley died at age 91, though she never looked (or acted) a day older than 70.

Shirley Picture Puzzles

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