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Locks of Love

23 Jul
Hair Donation Tina Fey

After my first donation. I kind of love that I look like Tina Fey in this photo.

Have you ever considered donating to Locks of Love? It’s a non-profit that accepts hair donations to make wigs for kids who don’t have their own, due to illness (commonly cancer).

I donated once right before I had Szaba, and ever since then, I’ve committed to an ongoing “cycle” for my hair:

  • Grow it out.
  • Donate it.
  • Repeat.

I’m in the growing out stage right now, but if you’re interested in joining me, there’s a couple of things you should keep in mind when you go to the hairdresser for those intermediary appointments:

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Drink! To Your Health!

11 Jan

At a wine bar with Sue and her friend Gail. Sue definitely would’ve approved of this study.

Have you heard? Non-drinkers have the highest mortality rate. So if you want to live longer: drink.

Having 1-3 drinks a day is optimal, according to the paper in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, but even heavy drinkers were shown to outlive the abstainers.

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18 Aug

Sue’s triumphant finish

Tomorrow Sue’s son (my husband), her step-daughters, and her best friends will follow Sue’s footprints. They are walking in the Twin Cities 60-mile 3 Day for the Cure. In doing so, they not only honor her memory, but they have also brought us $18,000 closer to fighting Sue’s killer, breast cancer.

Sue was a 9-year breast cancer survivor before it made its way into her liver 4 years ago, advancing from worrisome to terminal. But she didn’t spend those last years focusing on the possibility of death. As a matter of fact, it made her all the more determined to stay positive and focus on life. She had a lot of faith in the continual developments of cancer research, and her plan was simply to stay one step ahead of the cancer.

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