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Delayed Gratification

21 Dec

Present FlurryDoes your Christmas morning devolve into a flurry of wrapping paper with gifts tossed into a heap? Do you leave family gatherings with no idea of who gave anyone what?

I have a theory: We open gifts too fast to enjoy them! In our race to get each other more more MORE, we appreciate everything less less LESS.

It’s not that those gifts aren’t wonderful or that we don’t appreciate them. It’s that we simply don’t allow ourselves the time to.

Here are a couple of delayed gratification techniques that my family and I use to help. Hopefully there’s an idea in here that will inspire a new tradition for your family, too.

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Deck the Halls With Retribution, Falalala Lala La La

30 Nov

Regardless of your spiritual preference, I’m guessing most of us can agree this time of year (at its essence) celebrates the good qualities of humanity— camaraderie, giving, appreciation, and hope.

I’m also guessing we could agree it’s typically not adorned with murder and revenge.

So imagine my surprise when my Rudolph special was interrupted with a commercial for this:

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Holiday Gift Ideas

26 Nov
Shirley Sue Holiday

Shirley got Szaba this holiday dress for Sue. This year, I’ll get her one for Sue and Shirley.

There’s no getting around it. The holidays are in full effect, and that means it’s gift time. Most people dread it, but you really don’t have to. What if, instead of throwing money at the problem this year, we put our hearts into it?

Included below are a slew of ideas to get your brain churning, many of them inexpensive and easy.

For even more ideas, swing by my Creative Gifts board on Pinterest.

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