The Books

Angela Taylor Hylland, the writer and torch-bearer behind My Castle Heart Publications, has one book currently available and another in progress.

Amazon Pinecones Puddle Cover

The Denim Jungle

There’s a whole other world out there from toddler height. Are you ready to dream… small?

The Denim Jungle is a fantasy-rich fable about life from a toddler’s perspective. When Angela’s husband was a little boy, he told his mom, Sue, he felt like he was living in a denim jungle of jean-clad adult legs, thus planting the seed. Sue held on to the idea for 30 years, convinced it would make a delightful picture book for kids and parents.

Sue was taken years ago by breast cancer, but her daughter-in-law Angela promised her she’d fulfill her denim jungle dream. Now—with the help of the gorgeous artistry of Jackie Phillips—she has.

Now available at Amazon and 39,000 other libraries and retailers.

Tell Me About Grandma

The book in progress is Tell Me About Grandma, a children’s picture book to help parents teach kids about someone they never knew—someone who’s still very much present in the hearts and minds of their family. Angela is pursuing this project because she wants it to exist for her daughter and son, who’ll never have the chance know their incredible Grandma Sue and Great Grandma Shirley.

On Angela’s journey of grief and parenthood, she’s encountered many other parents craving this type of resource for their children, further fueling her fire. Current children’s books about death focus on personal loss, sorrow, coping, and the stages of grief. This is not that. It’s about celebrating a rich life and what you can learn from that legacy.

Stay tuned to for details as the book progresses.

37 thoughts on “The Books

  1. Angela – when I look at you, I see much of my
    dearest friend sue. If anyone can pull this off, it’s you. Best to you and Ryan. Bless that little szaba’s heart too. Love ya, mae

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