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Best Halloween Costume?

31 Oct

Prom Blood Scene Halloween CostumeWhat what your best Halloween costume ever?

The women-in-history trio I created for my daughter is high on my list, but my personal favorite was:

Carrie. Hands down.

Unfortunately it was 1999, so I don’t have a picture to share. Most of us didn’t have camera phones or digital camera then (cue gasps from the post-Gen X crowd). You had to pay to develop film for pictures, and straight out of college, I didn’t have budget for that. My funds were strictly limited to food, transportation, loans, Filene’s Basement business suits (for my insurance job, shutter), bar covers, and beer.

But the costume was epic, trust me.

I found a white prom dress at the thrift store, stood in the tub, and dumped profuse amounts of fake blood on my head. Then I proceeded to take the ‘L’ and freak out a bunch of evening commuters. Ah, memories …

Here are a few others I’ve tried. How about about you? What your personal all-time favorite? If you’re really feeling daring, post a photo!

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