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To-Do List

1 Oct

Month To Do ListSometimes you just need a to-do list for yourself—not for work or class or the kids or the house or the pets or the spouse. Just for you.

Before the holidays descend, I’ve made one for  October. It’s 10 quick and easy things I want to do for myself every day this month. I’m calling it my “10 for Month 10,” and I thought I’d share it, in case any of you want to do it along with me.

If you love crossing off things on lists (who doesn’t?), that can be your reward. If you need more motivation, how about promising yourself something nice for achieving 100% … or 75%? I’m thinking box of chocolates, happy hour with friends, new book, or new hairstyle even?

Note: I tried to make this list customizable by using icons that could be interpreted as needed. Here are the icons I used and what they generally mean. Of course, you could assign them any meaning that would fit your needs.

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