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Sons and Daughters

19 Sep

DifferentKidsNecklaces Has anyone else been bothered by the rash of stories in the news lately, highlighting what appears to be a growing public acceptance of sexually based brutality? Now, I know on this blog, I normally focus on inspiring, live-your-best-life stuff (and will continue to do so), but as a mom of a daughter, I feel I need to acknowledge this.

Any of you with sons and daughters may want to chime in, too. Hell, any woman or man at all might want to speak up, regardless of offspring or not. It’s a basic humanity issue.

Is the next generation—our sons and daughters—growing up in a world that’s increasingly accepting (or even encouraging) gender-based hostility? Or is this one of those shark scare cases, where the news starts down one road and picks up momentum on that path, thus disproportionately magnifying an issue?

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Girls’ Toys: Oh, the Horror

26 Mar

Introducing a new breed of girls’ toys: the whorse!

Even before I was ever pregnant, I was adamant: I did not want to know the sex of my baby. I’ve always been bothered by the gender identities imposed on kids as young as infants, and I figured, “That will all come soon enough. Might as well let the baby be itself in untero.” Plus, I’ve always rather hated pink, even when I was a child.

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