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What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

9 Jun

Kristy Mitchell’s jawdropping Wonderland photographs come to her in dreams.

Someone once told me that writers have especially intuitive dreams. I’ve had some soul-shaking ones, and last week’s was a doozy. But more on that later.

So I consulted the Internet. Turns out there are whole books on the subject of writers and dreams.

Did you know that without dreams we wouldn’t have Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Catch-22, Misery, or even TwilightAll of these stories came to authors by way of dreams.

Think this all sounds like a bunch of hippie-dippie nonsense? Scientific American says otherwise.  Continue reading

Good Nightmares

15 Oct

They confuse you, stick with you, and all-around freak you out.

They’re nightmares.

And when you become a parent, you’ll have to witness (horrified) as a tiny bit of your child’s innocence is shed while he or she privately takes them on in the night.

Last week my two year old had her first one. Make that three in one night.

Her petrified sobs shot me straight out of bed and to her side. With a little shushing, patting, and cooing, I quickly ushered her back to sleep, only to return to my bed and shed a few tears of my own.

The idea of my happy, worry-free “baby” having to fight some dark thing inside her head—totally without my help or even comprehension—was heartbreaking to me.

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