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Publishing: Choose Your Own Adventure

11 Jun

“May Days.” Age: 10. Don’t laugh. It won first place at the Ohio State Fair.

What’s your favorite fairy tale? Mine is the one in which I’m a children’s book author.

When I was little, I imagined it as: unknown girl is destined, acts, triumphs, and lives happily ever after. Maybe even throw in a TODAY show appearance.

But that flight of fancy didn’t take into account the state of the world when it came time for me to act on this presumed “destiny.” Back then we didn’t even have <gasp!> the Internet. Swoon and wail as appropriate …

Technology is kaleidoscoping my publishing fairy tale into a nail-biting choose-your-own adventure. (Yes, they still make them. Might I recommend Your Grandparents Are Zombies?)

In addition to the traditional method of printing a book through a publisher, there are these newly scythed paths:

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