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The Game Father

24 Sep

God Father and ToddlerWhen my 10-year-old nephew found out we were expecting Szaba, he was so excited. He wanted to be the godfather.

There was only one problem: We’re not religious. Wait! Don’t click away. I’m not trying to convert (or un-convert) anyone. I simply regard spirituality as a very personal undertaking. You do it your way, I do it mine, and we’re all happy. Good? Good. As I was saying …

I was raised in a Catholic household and thus understood the importance of such a request, especially in the eyes of a child. The godparent-godchild relationship is a special bond recognized by the whole family. Essentially, it’s a mentoring relationship, someone you can always count on beyond your immediate family.

It was something I wanted to support, for my nephew and my daughter, especially given my nephew’s proactive interest in Szaba’s life and his recent losses of both his doting Grandma Sue and sweet Great Grandma Shirley.

Ryan and I talked about it and conceptualized a solution: The Game Father.

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Why I Want My Daughter to Be a Gamer

17 Sep
Dr. Suess

Just another day of work at Cranium.

For many of you, your knee-jerk reaction will be to disagree with that statement. To you, I say, “Let’s look at some facts first, shall we?” I’ll even go so far as to propose that you may change your tune after reading this (if you don’t support games already).

Let me back up a bit …

Professionally, I used to work at Cranium, and I still freelance as a games writer. Personally, I just love games. Both kinds: video and board. So does my husband. He’s a 12-year vet of the video game industry with an affinity for board games akin to Cookie Monster and cookies.

All of those reasons recently led me to PAX Prime, a big Seattle convention for people who make and enjoy games.

I was surprised to hear three themes keep coming up at PAX, and I’m happy to report they all bode well for families who game.

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D&D Parenting, Part 2: The Players

13 Aug

DDFigurinesLooking for Part 1? Read “The Supplies.”

What role do you fill among your friends? In your job? In your family?

How about your partner and each of your kids? What roles do they play in your group dynamic?

If you’re still following this blog after last week, that means I didn’t scare you away with all my nerd talk of Dungeons and Dragons. Great! Let’s do it again, shall we?

So we’ve gone over the supplies needed for D&D and how they tie in to adventure of parenting. Now let’s discuss your group dynamic. As the Dungeon Master’s guide states:

Understanding player motivations … and what makes them happiest … helps you build a harmonious group of players.

Knowing the benefits (and risks) you each bring to the table can be used to the advantage of the whole group. Wield this knowledge wisely.


Actors enjoy engaging with the rest of the group and using their imaginations. They often prefer social experiences to individual challenges.

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