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Character Development

3 Jun
Source: Janel Piersma

Source: Janel Piersma

Carl Jung’s (and later Joseph Campbell’s) monomyth theory holds that all human stories—across all ages and cultures—experience the same basic journey.

And over the course of that life story, the “hero” (or main character) encounters this cast of characters:

  • Mentor
  • Threshold Guardian
  • Herald
  • Henchmen
  • Shape Shifter
  • Hero’s Shadow (Villain)
  • Trickster
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum George M. Hill Company, 1900

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum George M. Hill Company, 1900

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6 May

Once upon a time, there was a hero.

Source: Shanta Rohse "Der Frieder und das Katherlieschen"

Source: Shanta Rohse “Der Frieder und das Katherlieschen”

(S)he lived in a world where things weren’t perfect, but they were livable. Then something happened to change all that. At first (s)he denied it. Then someone convinced the hero otherwise. (S)he set off to do something. Things challenged the hero along the way. Eventually, (s)he got to the destination and faced the big ordeal, which was of utmost psychological significance to the hero. (S)he got something in return and went on with life, but it was never the same.

Sound familiar?

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Sacred Place

20 Jul

Carve out a spot in your house or a time every day that’s all about you. It’s your “sacred place,” as Joseph Campbell put it. Your break to remember who you are, to listen to your gut, and to live the life entrusted to your soul.

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The Timeline Mirror

29 Jun

Living in the moment: Krabi, Thailand

My gift to you this Friday? No less than a key to happiness.

This Joseph Campbell video on childhood, living in the present, and the reflection of age is especially poignant to me as I prepare for my daughter’s second birthday next week. I hope it will be equally thought-provoking for you, no matter what stage life finds you.

The Timeline Mirror

(Video Excerpt)

Joseph Campbell Interview

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Publishing: Choose Your Own Adventure

11 Jun

“May Days.” Age: 10. Don’t laugh. It won first place at the Ohio State Fair.

What’s your favorite fairy tale? Mine is the one in which I’m a children’s book author.

When I was little, I imagined it as: unknown girl is destined, acts, triumphs, and lives happily ever after. Maybe even throw in a TODAY show appearance.

But that flight of fancy didn’t take into account the state of the world when it came time for me to act on this presumed “destiny.” Back then we didn’t even have <gasp!> the Internet. Swoon and wail as appropriate …

Technology is kaleidoscoping my publishing fairy tale into a nail-biting choose-your-own adventure. (Yes, they still make them. Might I recommend Your Grandparents Are Zombies?)

In addition to the traditional method of printing a book through a publisher, there are these newly scythed paths:

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Love and Marriage

25 May

With my friends Heather and David getting married this weekend, I’m in a wedding kind of mood. And who better to wax poetic about life stages than Joseph Campbell?

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