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Locks of Love

10 Dec

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth bringing up again, especially during this time of giving.

Have you ever considered donating to Locks of Love? It’s a non-profit that gathers hair donations to make wigs for kids who don’t have their own, due to illness (commonly cancer).

I recently donated for my second time. Ever since my first donation, I’m committed to doing so every time I can get my hair long enough, until I’m bald or too grey for them to take it.

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Super Kids Save the World!

13 Feb

That’s right. Super kids. Out to save the world. And I found out about it on Pakistani TV, of all places.

My old college roommate posted a video about it on Facebook. She recently returned to Pakistan to help her family after a decade of running charities in Vancouver and Seattle. (Yes, she’s amazing.) Her sister was in the video talking about something called “Design for Change.”

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