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Return on Investment

18 Apr

1982CalculatorWhy is it so hard to invest in ourselves?

Is it parental guilt? A relic notion of “modesty”? The preservation instinct of the self employed?

Why, even in situations when the return on investment is quite obvious, does this feel so uncomfortable?

For instance, this weekend there’s a kids’ book conference, and I dilly dallied over whether or not to go. I even reached out to my writers’ circle on Facebook, seeking an impartial thumbs up or down. Their reply:

I bet you’d get a lot out of that … What is your hesitation?

What was my hesitation? The answer came down to three things.

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So You Think You Can Freelance? Part 3: Money

25 Feb

Before you read this, did you read Part 1: Mindset and Part 2: Ground Work? Both are critical before you even think about the money. If you have…

Photo courtesy of Anna Magal, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Anna Magal, Flickr Creative Commons

What do you charge?

Be honest. It’s what you want to know, right? If you’re going to take this dive, you need some assurance there will be a little money waiting when you land.

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