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7 Seattle Secrets

22 Apr

Seattle From AboveHeaded to Seattle? Read this first.

Already live here? See if you know all seven of these Seattle secrets …

1. The Name

Legend holds that every time we use the word Seattle, we’re basically making death a living hell for its Native American namesake. According to folklore, the chief was uncomfortable when the settlers named their town after him, since his tribe believed the dead couldn’t rest in peace if their name was frequently spoken by the living.

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So You Think You Can Freelance? Part 2: Ground Work

18 Feb

Stop! Don’t go any further unless you’ve read So You Think You Can Freelance? Part I: Mindset. If you have (and still want to know more), please proceed …

Photo courtesy of Ryan Swift, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Ryan Swift, Flickr Creative Commons

Welcome to the land of freelancing! I have a feeling you’ll be very happy here.

The bad news: First you’ll have to do all the tax and business license stuff. The good news: You pretty much only have to do it once (or once in a blue moon).

So let’s get the housekeeping out of the way, shall we?

What’s in a name?

First, think of name for your enterprise. Try to keep it general enough that you can expand into other areas without pigeon holing yourself.

You’ll also want to do Google and USPTO trademark searches to pick a business name that’s not already taken and unique enough to register a Web domain, which we’ll get to shortly.

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