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17 Oct


Nostalgia: pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past.

Where is your most nostalgic place?

For me, it would definitely be my childhood home. Because before it was my home, it was my dad’s… and his brothers’… and my grandparents’.

My first memory on RR 66 includes a hazy, toddler-height view of my grandfather, who passed away when I was two. Like the depiction of many an adult in a children’s tale, I see him only from the waist down (Muppet Babies, anyone?), unintelligible mutterings hovering over my head. Continue reading

You Spin Me Right Round

10 Nov

When was the last time you listened to a record? As in old-school vinyl on a record player?

Sure mp3s, e-mails, and e-books are more convenient and less wasteful than records, letters, and books, but there’s something wonderfully tactile about the nostalgic cousins of our current forms of communication.

Ryan and I discovered a bunch of 45s and his childhood record player nine months ago in a big box of stuff that Sue had saved (along with literally every piece of art and homework he had ever brought home). These records and player have been the jewel of Szaba’s nursery ever since.

Yesterday afternoon Szaba and I cuddled up in her room and listened to them. For the storybook records like It’s a Small World, Bozo on the Farm, and Woody Woodpecker & His Talent Show, we read along carefully turning the tan, flaking pages to the chime.

But as I rifled through the batch, looking for the next record to play, I encountered a gem left undiscovered. On a thin paper sleeve cradling an early 1960s single, I read this handwritten message:

Continue reading