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Elect to Party

5 Nov

John Vechey 2008My fellow Americans, we’re lucky enough to live in a democracy where we can affect our future.

So why not elect to party?

Get your friends together tomorrow night (from both sides of the aisle) for an impromptu Election Day Party. Then when people ask, “Where were you when [insert candidate or your choice] was elected?” you’ll have a memorable answer.

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5 Easy Party Decoration Ideas

16 Jul

Yes, I did color coordinate my outfit, and Szaba had a red dress with white polka dots. I may have a problem … 

When you’re a mom, you don’t have much time or money to put into a party. Yet like any good hostess, you want to do something special for your guests and, especially, your guest of honor.

Here are 5 easy party decoration ideas I picked up from planning my daughter’s “Red, White, and Two” party.

Whether you’re throwing a Labor Day lollapalooza, a Halloween hoedown, a birthday bonanza, or an anniversary affair, hopefully there’s a tip in here that will help you pull it off with less stress and more ooohs and ahhhs.

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