10 Uses for Postcards and Travel Brochures

What do you do with all those postcards and travel brochures amassed on trips? Store them, only to ditch them on a future organizational rampage? Add them to that scrapbooking basket gathering dust on the shelf? Hope they’ll magically transform into something amazing? Well, it’s time to save them. Here are 10 easy ways to … More 10 Uses for Postcards and Travel Brochures

Elect to Party

My fellow Americans, we’re lucky enough to live in a democracy where we can affect our future. So why not elect to party? Get your friends together tomorrow night (from both sides of the aisle) for an impromptu Election Day Party. Then when people ask, “Where were you when [insert candidate or your choice] was … More Elect to Party

St. John Souvenirs

Mentally, I returned with a mixed bag of St. John souvenirs. Most are them are happy, unforgettable, illuminating … but a teeny tiny one is sad. I’ve been building up this pilgrimage,  and now that it’s complete, it’s left me a little adrift, so to speak. I’m no shrink, but I’m guessing it has to … More St. John Souvenirs