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10 Feb
Compass Poem Directions

“Compass Study” © Calsidyrose, Flickr Creative Commons

Sometimes in life, you just need to stop and ask the universe for directions.

That’s what I did, going into my recent trip to Hawaii with my husband and daughter. After years devoted to (and struggling with) two kids’ books near and dear to my heart, I left it up to vacation to provide some meditation and fresh insight.

In exchange I received these three “responses”:
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“The List”

22 Sep

Month To Do ListI have a life-changing treasure tucked away in the “Draft” folder of my e-mail. The subject line reads:

The best Xmas gift I could ever give both of us

I wrote it and read it to Sue on December 2, 2010, hours before she died. In truth, I had started it a few days earlier as “the gift for someone who has everything.” But in those final moments with Sue, it became a torch to give us both comfort as we headed our separate ways into the abyss. I know it has been invaluable for me. I hope it brought Sue some peace, too.

Here’s what it said.

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