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The Hard Part Begins

12 Dec

Last Photo of SueAs many of you know, this blog began because of Sue. I needed a positive way to cope with grief, new motherhood, and the task of teaching my child about the amazing grandmother she’d never know. My hope was to help other parents as well.

Szaba was five months old when Sue passed, so for several years, that task as been a goal and a commitment, but not a tangible, everyday reality.

Granted, we talk about Sue—and Shirley—daily. We share our memories about them, reassure Szaba of their love, and weave special things about them into our daily joys and values. But now, three years later, the hard part begins. Szaba is asking questions. And I don’t always have the answers.

It started at bedtime one night when she was asking who had gotten her that book or that stuffed animal or that blanket. Some were from her Grandma Cathy or Grandma Kristin. Some were from Grandma Suzy or Great Grandma Shirley.

That prompted Szaba to ask why she hadn’t seen Sue or Shirley since she was a baby (evident from several pictures around her room).

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So You Think You Can Freelance? Part 4: Q&A

4 Mar

In Part 1, we discussed the mindset. In Part 2, we explored the ground work, and in Part 3 we talked money.

Now let’s get down to specifics. Here are some questions I received from others taking the plunge. Both new and experienced freelancers (and their clients) should find good info in here. So let’s dig in …

Photo courtesy of Scott McLeod, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Scott McLeod, Flickr Creative Commons

Wishy-Washy About Payment

Q: A client approached me about a project, but ducked my questions about payment. What should I do?

A: It’s okay to gather details about the project without talking numbers. Certainly don’t let that stage drag on, and never confirm your participation or sign anything until that is a part of the discussion. Work, by definition, pays. This is your livelihood. Good clients will understand and respect that.

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