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Laughter: Quiz and Video

19 Oct

Angela Szaba Happy RideCome on, just that title alone should make you laugh. It’s pretty ridiculous.

But actually, I do have a laughter quiz and video for you. And the video make you laugh, 65% guaranteed.

Why 65%?

Because seeing other people laugh reflexively makes us laugh, like yawning. Research shows it’s triggered by a neural circuit in the brain.

Then why not 100%?

Because it’s scientifically proven that people laugh much more (up to 30X as much) around other people. Essentially, it’s a human communication mechanism, a rudimentary vocabulary programmed in our “lizard” brain.

So maybe grab a friend before you watch the video. Or do your own before-and-after study and see if you get the same results.

BUT FIRST! A pop quiz on laughter. (Answers below the video.)

  1. How many times does the average adult laugh per day?
  2. Who laughs more: men or women?
  3. What was the first TV show to use canned laughter?
  4. Does laughter make you live longer?
  5. True or False: There has never been a recorded outbreak of contagious laughter.

And now for the promised reward …

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