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Follow Your Bliss

28 Jul

Compass Poem Directions“Follow your bliss.”

It’s a saying coined by one of the most intuitive minds of the twentieth century, Joseph Campbell.

If you haven’t heard of my friend Joseph, you need to go watch The Power of Myth. Right. Now.

Okay, fine. Maybe you don’t have time (cough cough MAKE TIME), so let me provide you with a much too simplified summary:

Joseph CampbellJoseph was a literary anthropologist, so to speak, who spent his life researching myths throughout human history. After decades of research of countless religions and cultures, he found a common thread of what it means to be human throughout every story, every age, every religion, everywhere. Continue reading

The Game Father

24 Sep

God Father and ToddlerWhen my 10-year-old nephew found out we were expecting Szaba, he was so excited. He wanted to be the godfather.

There was only one problem: We’re not religious. Wait! Don’t click away. I’m not trying to convert (or un-convert) anyone. I simply regard spirituality as a very personal undertaking. You do it your way, I do it mine, and we’re all happy. Good? Good. As I was saying …

I was raised in a Catholic household and thus understood the importance of such a request, especially in the eyes of a child. The godparent-godchild relationship is a special bond recognized by the whole family. Essentially, it’s a mentoring relationship, someone you can always count on beyond your immediate family.

It was something I wanted to support, for my nephew and my daughter, especially given my nephew’s proactive interest in Szaba’s life and his recent losses of both his doting Grandma Sue and sweet Great Grandma Shirley.

Ryan and I talked about it and conceptualized a solution: The Game Father.

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Paradise and Poetry

23 Jan

Last week I took a pilgrimage to the island of St. John. I went to find a part of Sue, leave a part of Sue, and gain direction in life after Sue. I went to find paradise. It gave me poetry.

Turns out the island’s namesake was able to put my journey into words much better than I. Granted, I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person and therefore I was quite moved when, thanks to this trip, I discovered St. John’s poetic musings on love, loss, and wanderings of the soul.

Where have You hidden Yourself,

And abandoned me in my groaning …

You have fled like the *hart,

Having wounded me.

[Coincidentally, we stayed on Hart Bay. I looked it up. Turns out “hart” is an old-fashion word for a stag dear.]

I ran after You, crying; but You were gone …

In search of my Love

I will go over mountains and strands …

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