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90-Minute Productivity

30 Jan
Brain by Dierk Schaefer

Brain by Dierk Schaefer

Ever have one of those a-ha moments, when you encounter something that seems so brilliantly obvious?

The Internet gifted me one such moment a few weeks ago with the “Write It Down” concept. It happened again when I came across this video.

If you’re stressed, overworked, a parent, or any combo of the above, perhaps this 90-minute productivity idea could help you, too?

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Stress Relief

29 Feb

12 easy ways you can provide stress relief for a loved one (or patient)

It’s Leap Day, and if you saw last week’s 30 Rock episode, you know what that means. Today’s a day to “take a leap” and do something out of the norm.

So I’m going to get MAD. Yeah, you heard me. There’s not much that makes me really angry, at least not enough to publicly address it. But today’s your lucky Leap Day…

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