Write It Down

You’re lying in bed and can’t get to sleep for all the to-do’s in your head: Write it down. You’re confused about a next move on a project or in your life: Write it down. You have something bugging you that you just can’t shake: Write it down. It will help. Don’t believe me?

To-Do List

Sometimes you just need a to-do list for yourselfโ€”not for work or class or the kids or the house or the pets or the spouse. Just for you. Before the holidays descend, I’ve made one for ย October. It’s 10 quick and easy things I want to do for myself every day this month. I’m calling … More To-Do List

30 Days

I came upon this great TED talk the other day.ย The gist is: Think of something you’ve always wanted to do. Then promise yourself 30 days to do it. “There’s a few things I learned while doing these 30-day challenges. The first was, instead of the months flying by, forgotten, the time was much more memorable.”