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2013: An Ode to Friendship

30 Dec

Friends DinnerWhat has the year 2013 meant to you?

For me, it’s been a year of trial and error, acceptance and surprises, joy and friendship.

For my daughter, who turned three, it’s been a flagship year, too.

Who knows what the future will hold...

Who knows what the future will hold…

She began to experiment with being her own person, complete with her own goals and opinions. (Oh, the opinions!) And throughout all these confusing leaps of personhood, it’s heartwarming to see the security she gains from friendship, particularly with her buddy since birth, Noa.

In celebration of the year behind us—and the friends with us through every thrill, challenge, and accomplishment along the way—I give you…

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Toddler Talk: Episode 6

31 Aug

Toddler Talk
Episode 7

Help! The park is exploding! Someone save us!

There’s no time to waste. We’ll save ourselves.

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Toddler Talk: Episode 5

10 Aug

Toddler Talk
Episode 6

Toddler Talk Web Episode 6Happy hour!

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Toddler Talk: Episode 2

11 May

Toddler Talk
Episode 2
“The Great Escape”

Isn’t this the life? Let’s stay up and drink milk all night.

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Toddler Talk: Episode 1

13 Apr

Toddler Talk
Episode 1
Starring Noa and Szaba

Hey. Hey, Zay. Listen to this thing! (ZOOOOT)

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