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Top 3: New Toys for Girls

11 Apr
Ummm ... seriously?

Ummm … seriously?

As a progressive, free-thinking mom with a daughter, I’m always looking for girls’ toys beyond the traditional options, like Barbie and Disney princesses.

Not that there’s anything wrong with those (with some exceptions), but why limit burgeoning imaginations to such a small field of options? Research shows we shouldn’t. Same holds true for boys.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have discovered these new toys for girls.
(I expect they’ll turn a few boys’ heads, too.)

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Put Your Toddler to Work

21 Mar
No one has raked leaves this fashionably in the history of raking leaves.

Raking leaves in style.

That’s right, you heard me. Put your toddler to work.

They’re always so bored with their buckets full of fancy toys, right? And they love chores. Why? Because they see you doing them, and they idolize you.

(We don’t have to tell them we don’t like chores. They’ll figure that out on their own … hopefully many many years from now.)

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Girls’ Toys: Oh, the Horror

26 Mar

Introducing a new breed of girls’ toys: the whorse!

Even before I was ever pregnant, I was adamant: I did not want to know the sex of my baby. I’ve always been bothered by the gender identities imposed on kids as young as infants, and I figured, “That will all come soon enough. Might as well let the baby be itself in untero.” Plus, I’ve always rather hated pink, even when I was a child.

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