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Hope and Hard Truths

6 Feb

Greenlake Seattle SunsetRegardless of your political preferences, this is a refreshingly honest talk on grief (see video below) from Joe Biden to military families in mourning.

For anyone coping with a loss, I hope it will bring you some peace during this reflective time of year.

“There will come a day, I promise you, when the thought of your [lost loved one] brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. It WILL happen. My prayer for you is, that day will come sooner than later. But … I’m telling you: It will come.” ~Joe Biden

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The Power of No

14 Jan

NOIn her TED Talk “Dare to Disagree,” Margaret Heffernan speaks to the power of “no” and the people who aren’t afraid to tell us that.

I know all about this kind of person. I’m married to one. He’s honest with me and challenges my ideas, even when it’s not what I want to hear. And I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I’ve thought:

Couldn’t you please just agree with me and think that everything I say and do is perfectly … perfect?

But he can’t—and shouldn’t! The ability to recognize that, but more importantly to act on it, is a kind of love, too. As a matter of fact, it may even be a love that’s more beneficial (just as it can be more aggravating). As Margaret states:

When we create conflict, we enable ourselves and the people around us to do our very best thinking.

Brian Sharp over at Made of Metaphors wrote a business management post about this, and although the same sentiment holds true, he’s not afraid to be more harsh:

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