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Look With Your Real Eyes

2 Jun

scrabble tilesReady to play a game? Keep your eyes firmly planted on the screen. Then (without looking around) read the following question, close your eyes, and answer it:  Continue reading

Inspiring Minds: Homaro Cantu

13 Feb

Homaro CantuMy first introduction to Homaro Cantu was via the Discovery Channel’s “Future Food” TV series on Planet Green.

That’s also when I first learned about the miracle berry and its ability to temporarily fool your taste buds into thinking sour and bitter foods taste sweet.

My friend Geraldine wrote about her miracle taste adventure over on the Everywhereist.com. (You may have seen me pop up over there from time to time.)

Sure, all this talk of “taste tripping” is fun and all, but what really impressed me about Homaro was his hopes for the fruit’s potential for helping people battling obesity, diabetes, cancer, and even poverty.
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That Dancing Guy

23 Dec

The other day I was going to meet a couple of old Cranium alumni for happy hour. At the last minute, my friend Wynn had to cancel.

I’m leaving for my whirlwind trip around the world that night at 1:00 AM.

Hold up. What!? Whirlwind trip around the world?

Turns out he was helping Matt Harding, the “Internet dancing guy”, on a new project. I’d heard of this, but I’d never seen the whole video until today.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you have watched it, watch it again.

I dare you to try and not smile.

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