Lessons in Snorkeling

See what humiliation I’m willing to endure for you, dear readers?

The reason I love snorkeling so much is that it’s always been quite difficult for me. I can’t really swim (pathetic, but true) and no matter how many times I’ve gone snorkeling, I always have to work through a minor panic attack to get accustomed to inhaling with my masked face in the water.

Yet, embarrassing-fish-out-of-water moment notwithstanding (or would that be fish “in” water?), it is far and away my favorite activity.

The experience of floating above and peering into a hidden, technicolor world is awesome, of course, in the truest sense of the word.

But I’ve come to realize that what I really like about snorkelingโ€”the peaceful and relaxation of itโ€”isย overcoming the obstacle. Meeting the challenge. Flipping the finger to my fear.

Whatever that “thing” is for you, honor it today. Seize it, do it, tackle it! I wish you pure bliss in the accomplishment of it.

Dive in.

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