T-Shirt Smock

Make your own kids’ art smock, in five minutes or less!

It’s (a) easy, (b) takes two minutes—no sewing—and (c) lets your kid go all Jackson Pollock on that paint and paper, worry free.

All you need is an adult-size t-shirt. Then you can create this:

Kids Craft Shirt

Well, yours probably won’t be a Myth videogame smock like Szaba’s (unless you’re the most awesome mom in the world, ahem), but it will be a t-shirt turned creativity suit.

Here’s what you do:

1. Cut straight up the back (not while it’s on your child, silly). Leave the collar intact, or if you want it smaller, cut and safety pin the collar to the correct width.

3. Cut rectangles out at the edges, creating straps of fabric on either side. As you can see, I was very precise with mine.

4. Tie the straps and adjust as needed as your child grows.

And if you’d like to put your art smock in the running for most awesome, by all means: Bring it. I will, however, require photographic evidence.

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