Deck the Halls With Retribution, Falalala Lala La La

Regardless of your spiritual preference, I’m guessing most of us can agree this time of year (at its essence) celebrates the good qualities of humanity— camaraderie, giving, appreciation, and hope.

I’m also guessing we could agree it’s typically not adorned with murder and revenge.

So imagine my surprise when my Rudolph special was interrupted with a commercial for this:

“What’s that?” you ask? Not just a talisman of killing and retribution, no … 

One you can prominently display on your tree! Don’t believe me? Check out the bonus messaging on its home page (at the top).

That’s right! Now, now too can deck your solstice tree (oops, I mean Christmas tree) with gold-plated reminders of terror and murder.

As tempting as that may be, I think I’ll stick with my toddler’s hand-made snowflakes. Just call me The Grinch.

Stink. Stank. Stunk.

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