Top 3: Apps for Traveling Tots

7 Dec

Travel with KidsI recently posted a “Top 3” about blogs for moms, and my friend Christa (talented author of the Lexy Cooper Videogame Mysteries, I might add) asked me to feature my Top 3 kids’ apps.

The category is rather broad (from age to interest), so I’ve narrowed it down to my picks for traveling with a toddler. I figure they might come in handy for many of you traveling with kids in tow this season.

All of these games are either silent or have a sound element that can be turned off without the affecting the experience, thus making them agreeable to the other people confined with you.

(Frankly, the quiet element makes them good for home, too, when Mommy’s ears need a rest.)

I hope your kids—and you—enjoy them!

FeltBoard1. Felt Board – $2.99

I’ve mentioned this one before, but I like it enough to mention it again. It’s a “sandbox” app: a creative playground with no specific goal. Rather than making it boring, it gives the app more longevity, in my opinion. There are a myriad of different landscapes, people, clothes, features, and props. You can also take pictures of your imaginative creations, too, so older kids could make a story from a sequence of pictures, for instance.

MonsterKitchen2. Toca Boca Monster Kitchen – FREE

Did any of you play Cooking Mama on the DS? This kind of reminds me of that, but without required goals and with two funny monsters that eat or reject your food. So, I guess really, it’s nothing like Cooking Mama. But it is a lot of fun, and my 2 year old is obsessed with it.

GoingtoBedBook3. The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton – $3.99

Who doesn’t love Sandra Boynton? And each page has a clever new little something to do, from wiping the bathroom steam off the screen to making dresser drawers explode in a profusion of polka dot boxers and mismatched socks.

Feel free to share your picks, too, and if there’s a Top 3 you want me to feature, let me know. I’ll do my best!

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