Top 3: Kids’ Books of 2012

Here are three of my favorite kids’ books published last year. If you don’t have them, check them out. I think you’ll like them as much as your kids do.

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Have your own Top 3 or favorite books of 2012? Send them my way! I also take Top 3 requests (just ask @Trixie360).

Top 3: Kid’s Books of 2012

VirginiaWoolf1. Virginia Woolf by by Kyo Maclear

This clever tale is a nod to real-life acclaimed author Virginia Woolf and her sister, the famous painter, Vanessa Bell. That alone (along with the fantastic art) would be enough to make me adore it, but Kyo Maclear penned a touching story as well.

Most kids’ books stick to the happy-go-lucky, but let’s face it, we all have not-so-happy emotions, too. Any parent of a toddler will tell you this is something young children struggle with, and the right book can offer a productive way of doing so.

The end result is a delightful book with a loving message about camaraderie, perseverance, and the healing powers of creativity.

AwesomeBookofLove2. An Awesome Book of Love! by Dallas Clayton

Szaba received this book from a friend over the holidays, and I can’t get enough of it. Any chance I have to say, chant, and even shout my love for my daughter, I’ll take it! (And this book offers plenty of opportunities for all that.)

This is my favorite page:

And you know/I’m aglow/with a smile on my face/when I wonder/what magic/you’ll make of this place/of this town/of this world./You’ll transform your surroundings./That spirit inside you is truly astounding.

As the author simply proclaims on the back cover, “Share the love!” Speaking of which, you might want to pick this one up as a Valentine’s Day surprise for your little love.

InfinityandMe3. Infinity and Me by Kate Hosford

I don’t care what age you are, the concept of infinity is pretty mind-blowing, and I love finding challenging concepts in kids’ books.

Children are little sponges, soaking up every new little bit of info. So why inundate them with just ballerinas and trains? Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those, but there’s infinitely more possibilities out there.

Expand your horizons—literally—with this charmingly illustrated and written book.

Happy reading!

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