Seeing Is Believing

ParadeThe parade floated by. Bands bang-boomed. Dancers high stepped a twirling march. My toddler was in awe, clapping and toe-tapping with uninhibited glee.

“March with me, Mumma!” she squealed, grabbing my hand with her tiny one, trying to pull me off the curb.

“Oh, Sweetie. Mumma’s not good at marching,” I laughed, darting an amused glance at my fellow moms, who chuckled back.

She cocked her head, peered at me knowingly, and cuddled into my lap.

P5178450“Go on, Honey. Why don’t you march more?” I urged her with a hug. “I love watching you!”

Frowning and shaking her head no, she quietly parroted back:

“I’m not good at marching either.”

Knife. In. My. Heart.

They are listening, parents.

If you want to teach something, don’t count on them taking your word for it. They’re watching, too, and seeing is believing.

Your body language also tells more than you know, to kids and adults. Watch this cool TED Talk by Amy Cuddy on how to fake it until you become it. Really interesting…

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