10 Things My Dad Taught Me

Dad MonkeysYou can’t be a parent without connecting the dots to how you were parented. It’s involuntary… and eye opening.

In honor of Father’s Day, here are 10 things my dad taught me, all of which I see developing in my own parenting style.

What has your dad taught you (good and bad)? How does your own life reflect or counter that? If you could have any storybook dad, who would it be?

10 Things My Dad Taught Me

1. Smart is cool.

2. Goofy is fun.

3. Nature is magic.

4. Learning is ongoing.

5. Hard work is rewarding.

6. Silence is golden.

7. Curiosity is motivation.

8. Individuality is genuine.

9. Respect is earned.

10. Acceptance is peace.

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