Indoor Picnic

TablePicnic4Stuck inside? Missing summer already? Head under your table. That’s right.

Spread out a blanket under your table, and have an indoor picnic! You may bump your head a few times more than your toddler, but I bet you’ll have just as much fun.

TablePicnicIdeas to try:

Imagine all the things that your table and chairs might really be.

  • A hole in a fairy tree?
  • A villain’s secret cave?
  • A Hobbit house?

Then decide on your favorite and make up a story about what you’re doing in there.

TablePicnic2Don’t forget to think … up …

Szaba discovered that the seat of a chair facing out made a perfect roost to pilot a pirate ship. So, before you know it, we had two levels of fun: manning the plank up top and eating grub to fight off scurvy in the dining cabin below.

Happy imagining!

What do you do for fun when the weather chases you inside?

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