Top 10: Seattle Places to “Work from Home”

Seattle Coffee Shop ChocolatiYou probably know that Seattle is a coffee town. But you might not know that hordes of nomadic workers use its cozy, caffeinated haunts as offices.

Whether you’re a fellow Seattle freelancer (like me), a local looking for a good place to read the day away, or just someone daydreaming about Seattle coffee culture, this Top 10 list is for you.

These are my favorite places to work, write, read, and enjoy a fantastic cup o’ joe (or two or three).

Have your own to add? By all means, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new places to be caffeinated and inspired.

Top 10: Seattle Places to “Work from Home”

  1. Fuel Coffee in Wallingford
  2. Café Zoka in Tangletown
  3. Miro Tea in Ballard
  4. Herkimer Coffee on Phinney Ridge
  5. Café Vita in Pioneer Square
  6. Chocolati Café in Greenwood
  7. Third Place Books and Honey Bear Café in Ravenna
  8. Cherry Street Coffee House in Belltown
  9. Trabant Coffee and Chai in University District
  10. Victrola Coffee Roasters on Capitol Hill

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One thought on “Top 10: Seattle Places to “Work from Home”

  1. Ooh, I love this! It’s challenging to find the ideal intersection of deliciousness, coziness, and productivity. And early in the mornings I get a lot done at Milstead in Fremont. Stumptown is probably my favorite coffee in town, but it’s not the best spot for working! For getting it done, I have a soft spot for the 2nd floor of Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill, Roy Street Coffee, and the downtown Trabant.

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