“Free Seattle,” New Travel Partnership, + Category Pages

Szaba Book PileNine months ago, I teased that I’d be revamping my site to better focus on my human and book babies. Nothing much has happened on that front. Until now.

I guess I was just feeling idle with only taking care of two kids, the holidays, three family trips, two books, a new blog partnership, and a potential new illustrator.

Or maybe once you start doing, even if it’s wrong, it creates a self-motivating snowball effect.

Whatever the case, I have two big announcements to share:

1. My “Free Seattle” feature and all of my travel coverage are moving over to Walking on Travels!

Two years ago, I started following Keryn Means of WalkingonTravels.com on Facebook. Much to my surprise, she and I serendipitously commented on a friend’s private Facebook page. Turns out, in addition to both blogging and having kids, we knew the same people… and had lived in Chicago… and had friends in the same industry… and went to the same college… and went to the same school within the same college… and our husbands had worked at the same company!? That was it. We had to meet each other. We’ve kept in touch ever since.

Which led to a few weeks ago, when I reached out to her about potentially hosting my Free Seattle and other travel content on her site, where it could better reach interested readers. Surprise! She informed me that she was moving back East and would need local help ASAP.

Isn’t that just the way the world works? Release and receive.

Release Receive

Going forward, you’ll be able to find my travel and destination stories (particularly my popular Free Seattle pieces) over on Keryn’s super-helpful travel site. Did I mention she was named one of USA Today’s 10 Best Family Travel Bloggers of 2014? And that she once traveled for five weeks around Europe with a five month old and a toddler… by herself? Yeah, she’s kind of amazing.

2. My new archive pages make it easier to find what you need.

For any of my previously published stories (including past Free Seattle features and travel tips), you can find them on my new archive pages. This is still a work in progress, but so far, you can search by Free Seattle, Travel, Grief Resources, and Inspiration, all further broken down by subcategories within those categories. I plan to add more round-ups soon, including Parenting, Freelancing, and Writing.

I hope this restructuring makes it easier and faster to find the content you’re looking for. I’ve covered a lot in the four-year evolution of this blog, and I recognize it’s helpful in very different ways to very different people. This is my attempt to help solve for that, while allowing me the freedom to focus and simplify.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. And hopefully I’ll see you over on Walking on Travels, too!

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