Top 10 “Doable” Quotes


Top 10 Doable Quotes Deborah ReberWhat is that “someday” project you’ve been wanting to tackle?

My writing coach (turned online friend) Deborah Reber recently published an impactful little book called DoableThough it’s marketed to teen girls, anyone can use its no-nonsense approach to stop wanting and start doing.

Included below are 10 of my favorite quotes from the book.

Whatever it is that lingers inside of you, waiting to be done, I hope Debbie’s words will light a fire under you, as they have me.

If they do, consider picking up her book yourself. It’s a quick read—plus cheerleader, to-do list, and life coach all in one!

Also, if you’re a fan of free stuff, you can download her Doable Workbook, Task Sheet, Life Hacking Guide, and more for nothing more than the cost of your printer’s ink. What have you got to lose? (One less day of waiting, that’s what.) 

Happy dream chasing achieving!


1. “When you can tap into the meaning behind anything on your plate, you unleash a boundless supply of motivation and inspiration that can be used to propel you forward.”

2. “Even the smallest, seemingly most doable tasks can become more achievable by breaking them down into small chunks. Then, like following a recipe for your favorite baked treat, you mix the ingredients one by one. Do this, and when you’re finished, you’ll have something to show for it.”

3. “While your inner critic may think she’s protecting you… she doesn’t actually know what she’s talking about.”

4. “Because overwhelm is an emotion, it’s not necessarily grounded in fact or reality—it comes from a different part of your brain than the place where logic and reason is stored… [It] can trigger the fight-or-flight response, which might lead to physical symptoms like insomnia, headaches, nausea, or the jitters. It goes without saying that these conditions don’t exactly cheer, ‘Be happy and productive.'”

5. “The things that keep you stuck today—whether crappy thinking, overwhelm, or distractions—are the same things that have always gotten in your way. And they’ll continue to do so until you take the time to understand them and decide to change them. Because the truth is, they’re nothing more than habits… You can change your habits. Not only that, but new habits—better habits—can be formed. It just takes a little practice.”

6. “The truth is, asking for help doesn’t make us weaker… it makes us stronger. We learn from our supporters, and that makes us more capable, more empowered, and more likely to reach our goals.”

7. “Really serious goal getters take their efforts to a whole other level by focusing not just on what accomplishing the goal will look like but also what it will actually feel like… When you can tap into your emotional side as you pursue a goal, you’re much more likely to reach it.”

8. “As author and researcher Brené Brown says, ‘When failure is not an option we can forget about learning, creativity, and innovation.'”

9. “Failure results in creativity… When something doesn’t work out as planned, it challenges people to push themselves to come up with creative solutions.”

10. “Choosing to think differently and to try a new approach forms new neural pathways. Do it again, and again, and you’ll eventually find you’ve created new ruts in the road—you’ll have shifted your mind-set to one of success and optimism.”

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