Hey Parents: Be More Selfish

Vashon ViewParents have a conundrum. For every moment we spend doing our own thing, it feels inversely connected to our family’s care. We are the nurtures, the caregivers. If we’re caring for ourselves, isn’t that less time (and money) spent caring for our kids?

We’re programmed to think it comes down to selfishness or selflessness. And have you read any Mother’s Day cards lately? A vast majority of them worship at the pedestal of the almighty selfless.

But we can (and should) rewrite that script. Because it’s simply not true.

As the American Psychological Association’s site states, “A high-quality parent-child relationship is critical for healthy development. Parenting practices around the world share three major goals: ensuring children’s health and safety, preparing children for life as productive adults, and transmitting cultural values. ”

Let’s assume that most of us have the first one, “ensuring children’s health and safety,” covered.

But what about the other two?

How are you preparing your children for adulthood if you’re modeling that you don’t take care of yourself as an adult?

What cultural values are you transmitting if you don’t demonstrate the value of self care?

If your kids see you challenging yourself to do something personally fulfilling, it’s one of the best ways to teach by example.

In other words, self care is child care.

There’s a great flyer about this on the scanva.org site. Here a bit of it:

flyer parenting selfish

So take care of yourself. Dream, reach, change your perspective, make a doable plan.

And most of all, keep on following your bliss. Or if you’re not already, today is the perfect day to start. Think of the children!

Parents: Self Care Is Child Care MyCastleHeart.com

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