Falling Forward

Green Lake Autumn Walk Shadows

Hey, remember me? It’s been awhile. Things have been a little crazy town over here. Book progress is moving full steam ahead (for release this November!) while I juggle client jobs to fund it. Plus, summer has morphed into autumn, my youngest is in preschool, and my eldest has officially entered the wild world of kindergarten.

And yet, even as I find myself falling forward into new routines, challenges, and goals, this time of year always makes me look back.

I miss Sue. I’m heartbroken that she couldn’t witness her granddaughter (a chip off the old block) making her grand entrance into kindergarten, smiling ear to ear and gathering new friends in her wake. I’m reminded all over again of the thousands of special moments Sue would’ve relished. Cancer robbed her of that, and it robbed my kids, too.

But all this merely fans the flames of the fire inside me that is The Denim Jungle. It was her idea, and I promised her I’d make it. Five years later, I’m on the verge of making that dream come true, for both of us.

So what’s next?

I figure out the details of how to print and distribute a book on my own. (I can figure that out in a month or two… right?)

I’ll do follow-up posts, too, so if you’ve always wondered what it would entail to self publish your own book, you can let me do the ground work for you.

That’s where I’m putting all of my energy that comes with missing Sue: not into regret or wishing away what is. I’m taking the inspiration and positive energy that Sue gifted to me, and I’m paying it forward.

Here’s to an autumn of honoring memories and making new ones.


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