What I Did on My Summer Vacation

School is back in session, and it’s that time again for everyone’s favorite fall report: What I Did on My Summer Vacation.

It’s been a wild summer for The Denim Jungle. We’ve traveled. We’ve partied. We’ve made friends. And, oh, how we’ve imagined—and crafted!

Imagination Payne Library

Here are a few highlights… with more in the works for the fall, including a crafty storytime at the free Imagine Children’s Museum book carnival on Friday, September 16, from 6-8pm and a fun little book event at Zoka in Seattle’s Tangletown the morning of Friday, October 14, 2016. (School’s out that day, so bring the kids on by and hang out with us.)

Interested in having me come to your library, school, or event? I’d love to know more! Email me at thedenimjungle @ gmail.com.

Publishing your own book? Hopefully this list will provide some ideas to help get your creation out there in the world for readers to enjoy.

Event Backyard Party

First Denim Jungle Birthday Party

At the beginning of the summer, I was invited to a first: a Denim Jungle birthday party! I read The Denim Jungle to a giggly gaggle of guests in the birthday girl’s backyard, surrounded by ladybug decorations “hidden” in the trees.

(There are ladybugs hidden throughout The Denim Jungle. Have you ever noticed that before? Can you find them all?)

The hosts also gave copies of the book to all their guests, which I lovingly packaged with “vine” twine and ladybug nametags. Party Favors Twine Ladybug

If you’re interested in something similar for your event, message me. I can give you a deal on a batch of books, sign them, do similar individualized packing, and tuck in some fun freebies, like bookmarks and Denim Jungle postcards to color. And if you’re in the Seattle area, I may even be available for a storytime.

Urban Craft Uprising

Also in June, new readers discovered The Denim Jungle at Seattle’s favorite indie craft fair, Urban Craft Uprising. One show-goer even won a book and gave it this touching review:

Through smiles and tears, the story carved a mark in my heart that I will feel forever. I cannot wait to share it with the children that I work with at my school so they may also enjoy it and let their imaginations go wild!

WOW. Thank you so much, Linda! I hope it inspires many imaginative adventure for you and your students.

Angela Author Book Signing Event

Urban Craft Uprising also interviewed me about the making of the book (my first author interview! yay!), which you can read here.

Payne County Library

In July, I took advantage of a family trip to rural Ohio to stop by my hometown library for a special storytime and craft.

Angela Author Event

The news even made the front page of the local paper. We packed into the library’s one long room with 40 kids and 20 adults. I’m told we had a better turnout than the Easter Bunny!

It was so fun to share my story with these local kids, including (and especially) my two Ohio nieces. I hope my story inspires them to follow their dreams, too.

Author Reading Storytime Craft

Imagine Children’s Museum

In August I spent a day at the Imagine Children’s Event, celebrating and encouraging reading with the Northwest’s Reading with Rover team.

Reading with Rover volunteers travels to schools, libraries, and bookstores encouraging kids to read… by giving them a canine reading buddy, like my “little” buddy here.

Reading With Rover Denim Jungle Banner

The idea is that a child who is hesitant to read aloud is typically less stressed when reading to a dogand of course the dog is a patient audience who never judges.

As part of the event, I performed several readings of The Denim Jungle; gave away a book and framed print; sold and signed books; and helped kids make their own imagination crowns, just like Leo’s and his mom’s at the end of The Denim Jungle.

Garland Illustration

Plans are in the works for two more Denim Jungle events at Imagine Children’s Museum, including one on Friday, September 19, 6-8pm, as part of their free Lions Club Book Carnival and another event closer to the holidays.

So that’s what I did on my summer vacation. What have you been up?

Have ideas for a library, school, or event that might enjoy a little Denim Jungle? I’d love to know more! Email me at thedenimjungle @ gmail.com.

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