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Soak It In

9 May

© rhondaanderson84, Flickr Creative Commons

It’s that time. The time of year worse than the whole of winter combined. When we’ve had it. With every synapse of our minds, every follicle of our skin, every phantom cell of our soul:

We need Summer.

But Summer is a flighty, uncaring temptress. She takes her damn time. She naps and adorns her hair and organized her closets. She spends all day and night on the phone with her old flame, Fall. She leafs through musty sonnets and picks at her vegetables and won’t come out to play.

Well, your time is running out, my dear. The sun told me so. Between work, child care, household chores, running errands, play dates, and dinner parties, I took a break to sit and shut my eyes yesterday in the backyard. And you know what? Out of the blue (or rather grey) the sun reached down and set the back of my eyelids on fire. It beamed into my mind, body, and soul saying, “It will get better. Soon.”

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28 Mar

Now that I have a toddler, the word “share” seems to leave my lips about 20 times a day.

I’m not sure the kiddo gets it yet, but my subconscious certainly seems to be listening.

Obviously, the ways we share as parents are varied and many:

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Stress Relief

29 Feb

12 easy ways you can provide stress relief for a loved one (or patient)

It’s Leap Day, and if you saw last week’s 30 Rock episode, you know what that means. Today’s a day to “take a leap” and do something out of the norm.

So I’m going to get MAD. Yeah, you heard me. There’s not much that makes me really angry, at least not enough to publicly address it. But today’s your lucky Leap Day…

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Cuddle Your Baby

14 Dec


Yesterday morning, I had a revelation.

I was frantically getting ready, packing for my work day, and gathering Szaba’s stuff for the sitter. But Szaba wasn’t up yet, and I had to wake her. Now, if any of you have (or have had) toddlers, you know this can be a delicate matter.

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