Now that I have a toddler, the word “share” seems to leave my lips about 300 times a day.

I’m not sure the kiddo gets it yet, but my subconscious certainly seems to be listening.

Obviously, the ways we share as parents are varied and many:

  • We share our time.
  • We share our attention.
  • We share our phones.
  • We share our iPads.
  • We share our homes.
  • We share our limited closet space.
  • We share our last bite of ice cream.
  • We share our seat on the plane.
  • We share our interests.
  • We share our values.
  • We share our dreams.
  • We share our love.

But sharing is a stealthy little thing. The more I practice it with my child, the more it seems to pop up in other facets of my life as well:

  • Last fall, I shared tips for aspiring game writers at a conference, pro bono.
  • We recently enrolled Szaba in a non-profit day care, which requires parents to share time and talent with the community.
  • Even with this blog, when I encounter hardships and joys, I share it here with you, in the hopes that it will touch someone in a similar circumstance.

Is it simply a result of being a parent? Or getting older (and presumably wiser)? Or coping with Sue’s death and taking her lessons to heart? Maybe it’s the magic combo of all three. Or perhaps the process of teaching my daughter about sharing has shined a light way back in the philanthropic recesses of my heart, a place often overshadowed by everyday stresses and must-do’s.

I’ve missed that little corner of my heart. I’d forgotten how cozy and warm it could be.

The good news is: sharing is surprisingly easy and has a positive feedback loop so reliable, I’d bet on it in Vegas. Once you shine that light, it beams back all over the place.

All you need to remember are two words: MAKE MORE.

  • If you make a big batch of food, MAKE MORE. Then give it a friend who’s busy or who could use a pick me up.
  • If you print out pictures, MAKE MORE and use them to surprise a friend or relative. Imagine that moment when a far-away grandparent discovers a smiling face in the mail. How could you not love that?
  • If you make an activity for your child (like play dough or a treasure dig), MAKE MORE. Then give the extra to a fellow parent. It’s the gift of time and fun and with a son or daughter. Trust me, it will be returned twofold.
  • If you find limited time to do things that bring you joy: MAKE MORE. Life is too short. Spend it doing things that bring happiness into this world.
  • If you don’t have enough time for your friends: MAKE MORE. Friends give us the support, insight, and “glue” that help hold the many parts of ourselves together. Mother, wife, professional, friend, gamer, bourbon connoisseur—it’s all you (or in this case me) and deserves a hardy you-go-girl from your girls.

Why not try just one “MAKE MORE” thing this week? You might be surprised where it takes you.

And that’s your assignment for this “1 Thing Wednesday.” Please, let me know where it leads!

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