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Birthday Wishes for My Son

28 Apr

Cuddle Arms Spring BowtieToday I take a break from the book stuff to honor one of the reasons behind it:

My son.

Sweet little Von never had the chance to meet two of the most incredible women I’ve ever known—the women who inspired this journey and would have been his adoring grandmothers. (Emphasis on adoring.)

Despite the deep sorrow that brings, it also brings me hope. Life goes on, and so do the life lessons we take with us from the exceptional people who cross our paths, past or present.

When my son blows out that one little candle tonight (or rather we do it for him), I’ll be making the following wishes on his behalf.

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The Special Ornament

19 Nov

This weekend last year we were partying. Ryan and I were visiting Mankato for the first time with Szaba, and Sue had us booked:

Day 1: Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with Sue’s dearest friends

Day 2: A grand holiday family dinner

Day 3: Coffee hour at home with her company friends

Given that Sue couldn’t even eat and could barely get out of bed, we obviously expressed our concerns over this full itinerary. But she was insistent. We had a lot to celebrate. She wanted the chance to show off her new granddaughter to all of those closest to her. We couldn’t deny her that.

So she delegated, and we all made it happen. On Saturday, Ryan, his sisters, and I got the house ready. We found the nice linens, arranged the flowers, lit the candles, and pulled out the fine china.

Even though we were doing the foot work, she was throwing these parties, and we wanted the details to reflect that. As a hostess, Sue always went above and beyond, adding touches of beauty and thoughtfulness to make people feel extra special. That was her signature … in party hostessing and in life. And we were determined to live up to it.

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