Birthday Wishes for My Son

Cuddle Arms Spring BowtieToday I take a break from the book stuff to honor one of the reasons behind it:

My son.

Sweet little Von never had the chance to meet two of the most incredible women I’ve ever known—the women who inspired this journey and would have been his adoring grandmothers. (Emphasis on adoring.)

Despite the deep sorrow that brings, it also brings me hope. Life goes on, and so do the life lessons we take with us from the exceptional people who cross our paths, past or present.

When my son blows out that one little candle tonight (or rather we do it for him), I’ll be making the following wishes on his behalf.

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These are the lessons I’ve learned along the way from amazing souls like Sue and Shirley. These are the mantras that motivate me as a person and especially motivate me as a mom nurturing a brand new soul.

These wishes are my gift to you, Von. Happy birthday, today and everyday. I consider it a privilege and magnificent joy to be your “mum mum mum.”

I love you beyond time. So do your sister and dad. And so do your Grandma Suzy and Great Grandma Shirley.


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