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Women in History Costumes

22 Oct

Girl Princess Halloween CostumesHow do parents put up with year after year of the same Halloween costume ideas?

Just the thought of a rack of princess-in-a-bag ensembles makes me want to gouge my brain out. Sure, Szaba will probably come to me one day (as soon as next year?) wanting to look like everyone else, but until then, I’m making the costumes I want. Selfish? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

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The Halloween Gift

31 Oct

I’ll admit: It was a little intimidating coming up with Szaba’s Halloween costume after Sue set the bar so high last year. Szaba was a mere 3.5 months, and Sue was coming out to spend the holiday with us.

I knew she was excited about the getaway, even though she had been feeling really crummy. To help her feel better—and frankly, to take something off of my plate as the mom of a newborn—I asked her to come up with Szaba’s first Halloween costume. I only had one stipulation: not something typically “girlie,” something aspirational.

I knew Sue wouldn’t disappoint, but I had no idea how creative she’d get.

Szaba was the world’s cutest mini Amelia Earhart. Every detail was taken care of, from the brown leather bomber jacket down to the khaki flyer pants and brown aviator boots, topped off with goggles and a hat-and-scarf set that Sue hand-knit herself.

So this year … what to do … what to do? I finally decided I would stick with Sue’s “inspiring woman in history” theme and finally landed on

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