Women in History Costumes

Girl Princess Halloween CostumesHow do parents put up with year after year of the same Halloween costume ideas?

Just the thought of a rack of princess-in-a-bag ensembles makes me want to gouge my brain out. Sure, Szaba will probably come to me one day (as soon as next year?) wanting to look like everyone else, but until then, I’m making the costumes I want. Selfish? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

This year we’re rounding out a trio of inspiring women in history costumes. 

Sue started it. It was October, she was coming out to visit, and Szaba was only four months old. Knowing this might be their only Halloween together (it was), I suggested that Sue come up with Szaba’s first costume. “I only have one rule,” I told her. “Nothing traditional ‘girly.’ I want it to be … aspirational.”

And boy did Sue run with it. Come to think of it, when did Sue not run with something?

Costume #1: Amelia Earhart

Cream or brown hat
Clear swimmer’s goggles (tacked on to the hat with needle and thread)
Bomber jacket
Khaki pants
Brown boots
Cream scarf

Then last year I had to come up with an idea on my own—something that would live up to the high bar Sue had set. So I chose another inspiring woman in history, someone who was instrumental in fighting cancer, which seemed appropriate.

Madame Curie OutfitCostume #2: Marie Curie

Brown no-sew wig with bun
Old-time-y dress (a frilly adult shirt belted with a ribbon)
Kids’ white lab coat (like this one for $8)
Pocket test tubes
Nobel Prize (printed and glued to coat)

For this year, continuing in the vein of influential women in history, I’m going with the obvious (at least to a geek like me) election year choice. You can’t have women and voting without the women’s suffragists. Most know Susan B. Anthony, but I’m a fan of…

Inspiring Women Suffrage History Halloween CostumeCostume #3: Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Old-time-y dress (frilly adult shirt with ribbon belt)
Lace shawl
Lace head drape
Curly white no-sew wig with bun
“Women VOTE thanks to Elizabeth Cady Stanton” picket sign (paper, foam board, glue, wooden stick)

Szaba may want to be a princess next year, but at least I’ll fit in my trio of she-greats beforehand. And I figure, I have an ace in the hole with the princess thing:

Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana of Themyscira

(There’s a really awesome kids’ book about her, by the way.)

Happy Creative Halloween!

Have your own creative ideas? Please share them! Help save us all from the zombie hordes of mass-market polyester. Mmmm. Braaaains…

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