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You Might Be Third Trimester If…

20 Feb

Third TrimesterWarning: The situations you’re about to read are real. Third Trimester is not to be taken likely. If you or someone you love experiences any of these symptoms, enact relaxation measures immediately: sit, raise feet, and eat something immediately—preferably chocolate.

You Might Be Third Trimester If…

  • You return home from a night out with friends and touch-up paint the trim of your whole house.
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4 Life Lessons From My 4 Favorite Bloggers

14 Nov

Every once in a while, you’ve just got to give a shout out to the people who are doing it right. The people who really get it, and just by being themselves, teach you something by osmosis.

These four bloggers have done that for me. Hats off to you all, and thank you.

And if you haven’t checked out their sites, may this inspire you to do so.

4 Life Lessons from My Favorite 4 Bloggers


1. The Everywhereist

Be honest, revel in what you love, and always be uniquely you. Years ago, Geraldine also gave me this sage advice, which stuck with me: let the blog [or insert other responsibility] be the means and not just an end to the means.

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Motivational Posters

2 Sep

In honor of Labor Day, I have some motivational posters for you.

Enjoy your holiday … hopefully labor-free!

By Dr. John Bullas, Flickr CC

By Dr. John Bullas, Flickr CC

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The Making of a Family Photo

26 Dec

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would like to recognize that for each perfectly posed family photo, there are hundreds of not-so-perfect ones. And in the words of Clarice to Rudolph, “That’s what makes them so grand.”

This is in honor of all those photos that never see the light of day … until now.

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Muppets, Whiskey, and Wild Women

28 Sep

This could only happen in the ’70s, people. But thankfully it did, so we can enjoy it now.

Here are The Muppets singing “Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women” with Peter Sellers.

Oh yes …

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Toddler Talk: Episode 6

31 Aug

Toddler Talk
Episode 7

Help! The park is exploding! Someone save us!

There’s no time to waste. We’ll save ourselves.

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Confused and Amused

24 Feb

I’ve only been doing this “blog thing” for a couple of months now, but I continue to be confused and amused by the odd spam comments I receive. And I figure, why keep all of that quality entertainment to myself?

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