A Word From Peter Pan’s Wendy

Occasionally a friend comes to me with a grief story so powerful I ask them if I may share it here with you. Wendy is one such friend, and her story offers a wonderful example of a new kind of memorial… one of celebration and ongoing conversation. When my mom’s Cousin John fell ill, we kind of … More A Word From Peter Pan’s Wendy

Loss and Legacy

Here are some of the many special people this community is remembering today, along with a little snapshot as to why. I hope this project inspires you to share your own story of a loved one. Loss does not take away legacy. It simply leaves it in our hands to champion that tale. I wish you a … More Loss and Legacy

Reach Out

Besides my sister Robin, there’s no one in the world I’ve been friends with longer than Amber. And yet, even I had no idea what to say to her when I found out her younger brother had died in a car crash. Four years later, this Castle Heart project finally gave me the nerve to … More Reach Out

Arroz Con Pollo

As most of you know, since my mother-in-law’s death I’ve been on a mission to find ways to keep the memory of Sue alive for my baby girl. That desire, in turn, sparked a passion to help other families in the same situation. Unfortunately, I have many close friends mourning the loss of a parent, right … More Arroz Con Pollo

Memorial Day Project

Let’s do something together for Memorial Day. Let’s memorialize someone. Here’s what we’ll do: In the comments section below, just write the name (first only is fine) and a memory or two you’d like to pass on about them. Even just a phrase or sentence is fine, though stories are welcome, too! You can even e-mail … More Memorial Day Project

Memorial Party Ideas

One year ago, I typed this note on my phone at 11:12pm, a Minnesota blizzard raging outside: “Glistening ice on the window. Dim hotel room. Szaba’s sleepy sighs and swaddle squirms. Laughter of friends and nieces down the hall. Sad and happy, all mixed up. I know Sue is here, and she loved her party. … More Memorial Party Ideas