Memorial Day Project

Let’s do something together for Memorial Day.

Let’s memorialize someone.

Here’s what we’ll do: In the comments section below, just write the name (first only is fine) and a memory or two you’d like to pass on about them. Even just a phrase or sentence is fine, though stories are welcome, too! You can even e-mail me a picture to include, if you’d like: syntaxsorceress @

Then I’ll wrap up all the replies in a special post for Memorial Day—a post written by all of us for our fondly remembered loved ones.

What do you say?

I’ll get us started …

Martha and Philip Groves

Had square-dancing date nights.

Sent a family of seven to Catholic school on a railroad engineer’s salary.

Meana and Jesse Taylor

She made the world’s best noodles and had fiery Blackfoot blood.

He traveled the U.S. constructing New Deal public works with his brothers.

Sue LaGow

A connoisseur of crème brûlée and musicals. Favorite city: London.

Shirley Drury

Her, her maternal grandparents, and all six of her grandparents’ children were married 50+ years. (She’s the beauty in the middle.)

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12 thoughts on “Memorial Day Project

  1. James Incognito- Army field medic during Korean and Vietnam wars. First generation Italian-American, who passed on the secrets to Italian cooking to his grand-daughter (me).

  2. Fuad Tarazi
    My grandfather taught me how to make my 4’s not look like 9’s. And took the entire family of aunts, uncles, and cousins on wonderful Christmas vacations together every year.

  3. My mom, Jeanette Miller Mankins, made the best school lunches in the world every school day. Homemade bread with roasted chicken or peanut butter & jelly, chips, carefully cut up fruit and homemade oatmeal cake with pecan frosting. Sometimes she would write something sweet on my thoughtfully packed napkin. She is so missed.

  4. Joan Magrogan
    Loved exquisitely designed furniture. Challenged me to think about things differently; with compassionate and accepting eyes. Showed me what bravery looked like — in a small town teacher from Maine.

  5. Richard William Gabrielski. 5/25/1952 – 5/21/2011
    Thumbed from Maryland to Massachusetts to give me, his little sister by 9 years, a heart shaped locket with the Coast Guard insignia on it. ON my Birthday!! When the sun came up my parents put him on a bus back to Maryland before he was AWOL!

  6. Ines Agudelo Pasinosky
    Known to get out of bed and start dancing if she heard cumbia playing
    Brought us hot lunches almost every day in elementary school
    Told the great epic stories

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